The Economist's Articles Supporting Low-Fee Private Schools: Academic and NGO Responses

A selection of 7 letters from global academics and NGOs in response to the 1st of August articles in The Economist supporting the Low-Fee Private School model

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Tue, 15/09/2015 - 08:39
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The 1st August 2015 edition of British weekly newspaper The Economist published two articles on the growth of private education in developing countries: “Learning Unleashed” and “The $1-a-week school.” The articles purport the alleged benefits of the Low-Fee Private School model. Both pieces came strongly in favour of private education, calling on governments to either help private schools or “get out of their way.” The articles generated a number of responses from organisations and individuals across the globe. A selection of these was published in the 22nd August edition’s Letters section, both in print and online, but not all responses were included. This collection includes 7 responses from NGOs and academics giving an alternative perspective on the Low-Fee Private School model.